Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bali Trip

It may turned out of your expectation,
Bali residents were 80% hindu ( I thought mostly muslim)....
Their outlook might look like malay, but they are hindu~~

And the road is kinda narrow, their highway is just 2way go and 2way come,
that kind of road is called highway for them!!!
In malaysia, we just consider it as normal road~~~
Their normal road really small, if one car park in the side, then you have to cut the others line of road~~ Ermm... a bit like kampung road...

Before go, i thought it will be like pulau langkawi...
Actually, the road in langkawi is wider than Bali...

Mostly of the building in Bali is small also, because the price of the land is expensive,
so many of them just afford a small house or shop~~
However, i still can see those banglo houses, that is definitely for richest people in the island...
Bali depend mainly on tourism as their economic growth, 
we can see many tourist there, from Japan, China, Malaysia, Europe etc...


-First day-
We reached Bali around 1 something, we are welcome with flower and they hang it on our neck...
Our luggage was sent to the hotel by another car, and we straight away go up the bus and start the journey..

The first place is Golden Kirrin Coffee Factory, this factory is own by chinese...
They briefly explained the process of making coffee, and we get to drinks their sample of coffee,
We can buy it if we like~~
My family dont have the habits of drinking coffee, and we found it is too bitter,
so we didnt buy the coffee...

Next, we headed to see monkey...
The monkey there is quite smart, they will rob human things and we have to exchange food with them in order to get back our things...
And their characteristic is their head, see carefully, their hair got style, look so handsome...LOL..
I not dare to take their photo too close, because scare they grab the camera..

And I also have to take off my spec, if not they will grab it also~~
Tour guide said better dont wear too colourful, if not the colour will attract monkey..
Luckily my clothes not bright in colour...
But we still walk away when we see the monkey, so that they wont hurt us~~

Time passed very fast, it is dinner session,
we have our dinner in the beach..
The view is nice at there~~ but the food was OKOK only~~ maybe i'm not used to their food, that's why i found it not so nice^^

 Everyone of us was served with the same dish as shown in below, and another dish of vege, the vege must share among 2 peoples... drinks will be coconut drinks~~
As we finished up our dinner, the sky has turned dark..
And i quickly take a picture in the seashores... End today journey~~

We stayed in "Harris Riverview Hotel" located in Kuta,
This hotel is not so near to the beach, we still have to take 10 minutes walk to the beach..
However, I found this hotel very innovative,
It got different room type for different needs..
I dont have the chances to view others room, but i like my room much~~
Me and my siblings stayed in one hotel, where my parents stayed in another room...
Me and my sister sleep in the room... And my brother sleep in the bed prepared for him in the living room...

ME and My sister sleep here
My brother sleep in the living room
At night time, We are still able to watch Prince William and Kate Royal wedding through the television, I like their wedding so much!!!
their story was just like fairy tales... Hehe, I quickly capture the moment they kissed in the balcony...
So romantic~~~
I also wonder what Prince William told Kate when they entered to the church!!!!
Haha, Everyone can be a millionaire in Indonesia, 
every pieces of the money below just worth RM20, surprise??
Me too, when my dad distribute the money to us, we thought it cost quite a lot,
but only RM20 each....


-Second day-
We have our breakfast in hotel, it is western food buffet~~
I like this much compare to the dinner last night...
Forget to mention, yesterday night I was so hungry and could not sleep,
Luckily we go buy the cake in the opposite shop, so that i can sleep soundless at night~~

The first place we visited is the cultural show,
I dont understand what they are trying to perform throughout the whole,
There was bad spirit and good spirit, maybe one is ghost and one is god..
Many of them fighting for the land...
That is just what i know~~
Curious why they have dancing part and something like lion dance....

After that we went to several souvenir shops...
I had bought their body scrub, since Bali is famous with body scrub...
And Beach Sarung, hope that will go to beach, so that i can wear it~~
I have seen many of the people there wearing, 
look so nice~~
Others things is souvenirs for relatives...

Went to the shop which sell gold and silver, and another shop which selling wood-made product, 
but we didnt buy anything~~~
then is lunch time, we have our lunch in a restaurant, 
Everyone is served with 1 bowl of rice, 1 bowl of soup, 1 bowl of vege, 1 bowl of fruit and 1 bowl of roasted duck... Drinks will be orange juice~~
Again, this is too local food, I'm not used to their food, 
I didnt finish up their vege because it's got a bit "asam" taste...
and the duck not as nice as what I usually eat at Malaysia,
That's why just eat some only~~

After that, we headed to visit a sleeping volcano,
The tour guide still joking with us, he asked us dont so noisy, if not the volcano awake~~ LOL..
There are too many seller there, they will focus on tourist and keep stick on us,
they keep asking us to buy their product, not only 1, it is a few!!!
Ended up we buying bracelet from them, 
20 bracelet for 25,000 rupiah (Around Rm10)...

Another things, Bali got a lot temple, we visit a lot temple during our journey...
After the volcano, we visit a temple~~
This water was said as "Lucky water"
A lot of them jumping inside to bath with the water, 
we just use the water to wash our face..
 There got fish pool also, we buy the fish food to feed them~~
We took a family photo in the temple there~~

This is the photo which i satisfied the most!!!! because I'm the cameraman... LOL~~

Night time again, we have our dinner in a chinese restaurant,
I was too hungry and just focus on eating, didnt take any photo of the food~~

The food was satisfaction only, that's why I need to go "K mart" nearby the hotel to buy instant noodles, to fill up my stomach~~~
Eat ice-cream and snack food also...


-Third day-

Breakfast is my favourite... buffet at hotel!!!
Eat quite a lot to satisfy my stomach...
Later on, We headed to shop to buy souvenir also~~

After the shop, we went to another temple, 
the weather is really hot, we use umbrella along the visit, 
and we also put on the sunblock~~
The view there is really nice, if it is not too hot, we may want to take more photo,
but it is just too hot, so we quickly take some pictures and go up to the bus...

After visit the temple, we had our lunch in the middle of the hills,
Bali got "Cameron" highland also, means high hills, 
they planting strawberry and a lot others to sell,
just like our Cameron highland...

the view to the outside of the restaurant
Our food is buffet lunch, and the food is OKOK for me~~
since it is still more to their local food, didnt take photo of the food~~
We eat at Pacung restaurant..

Lazy to write for now~~ continue next time^^